Joining Thespians

About Joining Thespians:

What is it:  The International Thespian Society is a division of the Educational Theatre Association recognizing achievement in theatre arts through performance and technical theatre.  It is an internationally recognized honor society.

Cost:  There is a one-time fee of $25.  This gives you your official membership card and a 1yr subscription to Dramatics magazine.  Once you pay this fee you have a lifetime Thespian membership.  

*your bookstore fee will be charged, and show Shad the receipt to be included on the official induction roster. 

Ceremony:  The ceremony is an intimate ceremony with just the club officers, sponsor, and new inductees.  (Parents are always welcome to attend, but usually do not).  It will take place on May 20th at 2:40pm with the end of the year award ceremony/dinner starting afterward at 5pm.  Dress in your formal wear for the occasion.   More info to come 


Induction Week

Monday:  Mime Day

Tuesday:  Nemesis Day

Wednesday:  Character Day

Your character is ________________

Thursday:  Pick-up Lines Day

Friday:  Formal Day